happy summer

What follows is one of the many archived journal entries we are reintroducing. And like most of them a few changes, or at least a little commentary, is required. In this case I would like to say that the crew at the yhtc are anything but slowing down. In fact, we are busier than we have ever been. Please enjoy the following knowing much more is to come.

vintage gulf shores post card

 As summer begins the crew of the yhtc are taking a breath and doing some regrouping. But we want to take time to recognize a season that in many ways helps define Alabama. Summer! Whether it’s fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market, the smell of newly mown grass or a trip to one of our many beautiful beaches, Alabama is famous for its summers. Sure, it’s not all great. We have higher humidity and power bills than some, and that aforementioned grass doesn’t mow itself, but all-in-all, the late nights, snow cones, little league baseball and trips to the lake go a long way toward making these days fun and memorable. So, enjoy your Alabama summer, and for those of you who miss it, but can’t come back home this year, here is a postcard to remind you to have a Happy Summer.


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