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Dear Alabama (and the people who love it); Over the last fifteen years the idea of a culturally sustainable company has evolved from buzz word to normal operating procedure. Words like “Original,” “Handmade” and “Authentic” along with the phrase “Made in America” have once again become part of our everyday lexicon. The idea that a company can have a positive impact on its community as well as generate a reasonable profit is now an integral component of any contemporary business model. The Yellowhammer Trading company did not catalyze the emerging Alabama renaissance building on these principals, but we look forward to proudly participating in it.

yellowhammer postcard


Our goal at the Yellowhammer Trading company is to provide a platform where Alabama makers, including ourselves from time to time, can showcase their goods and services to people here at home and around the world. With a founding partnership of entrepreneurs, designers and one mad computer scientist the Yellowhammer Trading Company is launching our platform and will always endeavor to promote our beloved state and its citizens.

We here at The Yellowhammer Trading Company strongly believe in the power of collaboration. We are not asking you to follow our journey, but to become a part of it. We hope you will join us in a lifetime of celebrating Alabama and the people who MAKE it strong.  

Thank you for your support,


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