organic growth

For years both life and the Good Lord Jesus have been trying to beat patience into me with very little success. I am the person that looks for instant gratification and expects instant results. Well let’s face it, who wouldn’t want instant gratification and instant results if they could get them. Now bear this little personal confession in mind as we travel back in time almost ten years ago to a conversation Sam (our creative director) and I were having about the development of a yhtc web site.

Sam and I both agreed, and still do, that the voice and visual identity of the yhtc is vital and should be expressed in every aspect of development, so imagine my excitement when Sam suggested that she build a web site from scratch. Sam is a graphic design professor here on the Plains so she would have no problem with the DESIGN of a web site, but she wanted to BUILD a web site. Apparently, that is a totally different thing. I wanted a site that was not an out-of-the-box, cut and paste site, but something unique to us. It shortly became very clear I had no idea what “build a site” meant, and thus began a new lesson in patience.

Over the next few years Sam (who, did I mention, was teaching herself) would show me lines of letters and numbers she would refer to as “code” that literally formed what looked like cyber brick and mortar. Of course, it all looked like Greek to me (assuming the Greek language originated on Mars). As I fumed impatiently, she would remind me that this was a process and “organic growth” was good. Of course, although I made fun of this concept, I came to appreciate her wisdom.

Now fast forward to the present. Although Sam did eventually do the very impressive thing of building what I thought was as very lovely website from scratch, our vision had evolved over time, and we realized that our website needed to be more streamlined. We needed something more flexible and responsive for a viable commercial site. Enter our partner Robin. Robin does coding and back-end work for a living. His technical skills helped us rebuild and fully realize our collective vision for the site. Now we not only have a beautifully designed web site, but something that incorporates the Yellowhammer fundamental belief in collaboration. We are not just building something for now but for the future. That takes planning, forethought, patience, and yes organic growth.

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