postcards from Alabama

Welcome to the newest addition here at the yhtc. We love the imagery on vintage postcards and have begun a search for postcards that best convey the flavor that is Alabama. We offer this series, in part, to our expats who may be looking for some fun reminders of home. Our first postcard comes to you from the Wiregrass.

boll weevil monument enterprise, alabama

The information on the back of these little treasures can be as interesting as the pictures on the front. The back of our first postcard reads: “Boll Weevil Monument” Unveiled Dec. 1919. The only monument in the world glorifying a pest — the only record of a pest making a county one of the richest in the state from its production of peanuts and livestock. But for the devastation of the boll weevil over a period of many years, Enterprise might never have become the “Peanut Capitol of the World” and the “Friendliest and fastest growing town in the Wiregrass.” So, whether you are from Enterprise, the Wiregrass or the State of Alabama, we hope that you enjoy this first gift sent to you — this first postcard from Alabama.

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