six more weeks

We are summer people. All seasons have their place of course. Football in the fall and flowers in the spring all help define our place in the world. I have even become fond of the very occasional late March/early April snow. Yes, it snows in Alabama. Rarely. All that being said, we are summer people. Summer does come to Alabama with its fare share of challenges, such as oppressive heat and unrelenting humidity, but by February we are ready to usher it in. Unfortunately, that famed rascally rodent recently saw his shadow and we are in for a few more, six to be exact, weeks of winter. So, for all your fellow summer people we give you just a little tase of what’s to come. 

no swimming sign in sand in front of the gulf of mexico

Although this day on Dauphin Island was overcast thanks to a pop-up storm rolling in from the Gulf, it was definitely summer. The attached “No Swimming” photo is an award winner and represents one of the many images soon to be available on our web site. We thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy a day at the beach soon.


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