The Yellowhammer Trading Company began with
a mark inspired by the romanticism of the early
European trading companies.
These companies controlled the Caribbean and played a part in the for-
mation of South Alabama in the 1700’s, utilizing the vast river systems to
push goods northward and bring goods back down south. Part business-
men, part pirate, these men cut a ruthless and daring cloth. Wanting to
introduce a concept the whole state could recognize we incorporated the
idea of the yellowhammer made famous by a North Alabama calvary
regiment donning a yellow patch of fabric on their uniforms, inspiring the state bird and one of Alabama's many nicknames.
Although we may be daring, we certainly are not ruthless. In
fact, the Yellowhammer Trading Company looks to promote a more progressive and inclusive state that competes globally through manufac-
turing, technology and education while maintaining our local identity
through art, food, and culture.

Our mark, like many great marks, started as a day dream. A doodle. I showed Sam the mark on our first
date and her design eye saw something great. The rest, as they say, is history. Every step we have taken
to bring the Yellowhammer Trading Company to you has truly been a labor of love.
Starting at the very beginning. Starting with the mark itself.

As we begin the next two hundred years of our State’s history Alabama looks toward an exciting time of growth, commerce, and cultural celebration inspired by our geography, biodiversity and natural beauty. Tapping into our artistry and ingenuity we will move forward into the new century.

We are Alabama. We are the Yellowhammer Trading Company.

Historically the lines between trade companies, privateers, and
pirates often blurred. And while we at the Yellowhammer Trading
Company strive to be model citizens, we appreciate a high-seas
sense of adventure and the bold stance of a pirate flag.