Luther Chef Knife
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Luther Chef Knife

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When it comes to cooking, two people have taught me most everything I know; my incredible wife, and the legendary chef Luther Ford.  Saying that Luther was the cook for a fraternity is like saying SEC football is just another sport (FYI this is both false and possibly blasphemy). A more accurate description would be, by the grace of God, for all but two days over 30 years Luther prepared three hot meals for countless (insert adjectives) fraternity boys. Were they all great?  Nope, not even close.  We're most of them deep fried and sprinkled with cigarette ash and profanity?  Yes, absolutely. But day in and day out for three decades he put up with untold nonsense to make sure “his boys” had something to eat. And to give you an idea of how much it meant to “his boys,” over 1500 people came to his retirement party. It’s an honor to name one of my knives after the one and only, Luther D. Ford.

Blade Length  7 inches
Steel Nitro-V stainless hardened to 61 HRC
Handle Dyed and stabilized maple burl and resin hybrid, brass pins